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 Have you ever just had a moment in your day where you said to yourself "Not today Satan"? Yeah me too. Actually more times than not. Well, I am super excited to tell you the story behind a t-shirt worn by a stranger. 

My stepdaughter Amber lives in San Diego, CA. One day she walks into a coffee shop that should have been a 5-minute stop but turns out it was a lot longer visit.

From a distance, she sees a man sitting inside the coffee shop with a shirt on that says "Not today Satan". Her wheels began to turn. She approached this man and said, "Hey I love your Shirt". And here is where it started. The man replies "thank you" first, but begins to tell her his story. Now keep in mind ALL things happen for a reason. So the man's story begins with him being a Christian of course but he is a recovering alcoholic as well. "No way," she says. Amber begins to tell him that someone very close to our family is also an Alcoholic and we have all been trying to reach her for Christ. This man that did not know our family or know Amber stopped what he was doing to call this person on the phone to share his recovery story with her and how Jesus saved him and took alcohol away from him. This was an emotional time for Amber. She had been in prayer at church and in her own prayer life for this person and then because of this T-shirt, she was able to have a conversation with him that led to a phone call across the United States. This story is the reason I wanted to sell Christian t-shirts in That Old Barn. Sometimes we don't always know what to say to people or how to approach someone and share Jesus with them. But there is a chance you have on a shirt like Not today Satan or Love Like Jesus that someone you don't even know needed today.

And last but not least, that day in the coffee shop was not by accident nor was it coincidental. It was only because of God that all of this lined up just right that day in that coffee shop. 

You too can have a Not Today Satan shirt. I pray that you can wear this shirt or one of our others and have a Coffee Shop experience like Amber did. 

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